Alpha: Making Premium the New Standard

Our skin undergoes numerous changes over our lifetime. Aging, hormones, sun exposure, and congenital factors all take their toll on our skin’s health and appearance. ALPHA is able to treat a variety of these concerns with minimal clinical downtime. When it comes to skin health, one size does not fit all, that’s why ALPHA provides a premium device with custom treatment parameters. 

What makes Alpha so unique? ALPHA does more than just remove unwanted hair. With its interchangeable 808 Diode and 3D IPL Handpieces, ALPHA allows your practice to offer a variety of other services to your patients without having to invest in additional devices that take up valuable dollars and office space. ALPHA is capable of targeting sun & brown spots, skin rejuvenation, vein treatments, acne vulgaris, and hair removal. 

Twice the laser in half the space.

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Courtesy of Nina Tajib
Courtesy of Nina Tajib
Courtesy of FormaTK Clinical Dept