Aesthetic Management Partners Announces Three-Year Exclusive Agreement with Agnes Medical

CORDOVA, TN, 4/25/2022 – Aesthetic Management Partners (AMP) has signed an exclusive three-year agreement with Agnes Medical to market Agnes RF, a precision radiofrequency macro needling device. The partnership strengthens an ongoing relationship by making Aesthetic Management Partners the sole distributor in the United States after adding California as part of this new agreement.

This partnership brings together the developer of the Agnes RF device, Agnes Medical, a high-tech medical company based in South Korea, and Aesthetic Management Partners, a rapidly expanding medical device company in the functional medicine and aesthetic industry.

For Agnes Medical, partnering with Aesthetic Management Partners will continue the growth of the Agnes RF branding across the US market. This aligns with the company’s vision of delivering clinically proven technologies to aesthetic professionals. “Agnes Medical welcomes the opportunity to continue working with Aesthetic Management Partners as they have a proven track record in curating highly profitable and highly effective aesthetic solutions and building amazing brands” stated Jeong H. Roh, Managing Director, Agnes Medical USA.

For AMP, the partnership is part of the company’s commitment to curating best-in-class aesthetic technology from around the world – specifically devices that offer optimum patient outcomes.

“We are excited to build upon our exclusive relationship with Agnes Medical in North America,” says Erik Dowell, CEO, and Founder of Aesthetic Management Partners. “Agnes Medical has an outstanding team, and we look forward to our continued growth together. Specifically, we’re excited to continue the growth of the Agnes RF brand as Agnes RF offers a unique one-of-a-kind procedure that no other device in the Aesthetic market offers.”

About Aesthetic Management Partners (AMP)

Aesthetic Management Partners is a rapidly expanding medical device company in the functional medicine and aesthetic industry.  AMP focuses on launching unique technologies that attain optimum patient outcomes with little to no downtime. 

About Agnes Medical Co. Ltd.

Agnes Medical USA – established in 2018 – is an aesthetic medical device distributor located in California as an extension of Agnes Medical Co. Ltd., a fast-growing high-tech medical device company in South Korea. The company was formed with the vision of delivering clinically proven technologies to aesthetic professionals.

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Agnes RF – Dynamic Precision RF Technology

AGNES RF features a transformative technology that provides in-office cosmetic solutions without surgery. The precision RF microneedling device emits radiofrequency energy deep into the skin, activating the body’s natural healing and renewal processes. Focused heat reduces localized fat and boosts collagen production, repairing and tightening the skin from within. The depth of the needles targets specific anatomical structures for precise application, while the insulated coatings keep the skin’s surface intact.

Agnes RF Applications

  • Eliminates under-eye bags
  • Provides an effective acne cure 
  • Removes localized pockets of fat
  • Smooths away deep lines and wrinkles
  • Sculpts and contours the face and neck areas and improves symmetry
  • Firms, tightens, lifts, and smooths loose and sagging skin
  • Softens scars and shrinks enlarged pores
  • Promotes dermal health