Alpha Hero

Making Premium the New Standard


  • Safe & predictable technology for all skin types with Milo the Melanin Meter
  • Faster treatment times for large & small body parts
  • 5 proven treatment modes: Single, Double, Fast & Painless, 100MS & 400MS
  •  Maximum Patient Comfort with Golden Touch - Contact Cooling Integration

How Physicians are Using ALPHA:

Sun & Brown Spots


Skin Rejuvenation

Vein Treatments

Permanent Hair Reduction

Acne Vulgaris

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Improve Tone Complexion & Texture

FDA Clearance

The ALPHA System intended use is for non-invasive aesthetic and cosmetic treatments.

Take your clinic to the next level with the two most in-demand technologies in a single system.

Alpha contains an 808nm diode laser and 3D IPL technology. This allows you to bring the ultimate hair removal solution, delivering outstanding results at unmatched comfort for all skin types. As well as providing your patients with a professional-grade IPL solution featuring the most advanced 3D IPL technology for maximum precision at every pulse.

Alpha provides over 20 clinical indications allowing you to offer more treatments to serve your clientele. Additionally, diode laser permanent hair reduction and IPL photo dermal treatments account for over 50% of the total non-surgical aesthetic procedures performed. Combining Alpha’s 808nm diode laser with a full range intense pulsed light (IPL) in one single device allows you to better cater to your patient’s specific needs.

“With experience of 13 years and after use of several brands of laser hair removal systems, I have concluded that FormaTK’s Alpha system is a right choice for me. In comparison to other systems, I finish hair removal series of treatments much faster. In addition, I work with all skin type customers and have a great result. Not hesitating to treat Skin Type V patients due to different working modes. The light weight, ergonomic applicator design and ability to perform treatment in fast mode makes it possible to work all day long, executing fast and professional treatments for every customer.”
- Larisa Laser

“We are more than happy with our Alpha diode laser system for permanent hair removal treatments. We also do love Milo, the Melanin Meter. Every skin type can be treated safely and the results are beyond amazing. The laser is very quiet and works perfectly even after 5 hours of full time use. We highly recommend this laser and company to anyone.”
- Victra-studio

“Alpha is easy & it works. It’s pretty darn simple.”
- Larry Helwig, RN

How Alpha Works

The 5 treatment modes on Alpha’s 808nm diode laser are designed to provide users a more inclusive and accurate treatment approach. Alpha is designed to give practitioners greater flexibility for each patient at each stage of the treatment, therefore, delivering a safer and more effective treatment. By using the Fast & Painless Mode practitioners are able to deliver treatments to tanned skin year-round. Further, Alpha’s diode laser can minimize the risk of hair miniaturisation by electing to begin the treatment in Single mode and gradually move to the Fast & Painless mode. This allows for the benefits of both modes without compromising on the result or side-effects. Additionally, 100ms & 400ms modes use a unique ultra-short pulse as low as 3ms in a high repetition cycle in order to accumulate energy on the skin without creating burns. This is often the preferred approach when treating darker skin types, such as V & VI.


Every patient is different and has different physiology. Controlling the treatment parameters is fundamental for achieving the most accurate results. Most available IPL devices on the market provide users the ability to control the energy (J/cm2) and pulse duration (ms). Alpha’s 3D pulse technology offers users the ability to also control the crystal temperature, providing an additional layer of control and enabling maximum accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do treatments take?

Treatment time varies depending on the individual and the size of the body part being treated. Smaller areas such as the upper lip or underarm can take less that 10 minutes, while larger areas such as the back or full legs will take up to 40 minutes.

What skin types are treatable?

The Alpha system can treat all skin types, I - VI, safely and effectively.

Do ALPHA treatments hurt?

Alpha’s treatment protocols are designed to provide maximum comfort at every stage of the treatment with integrated contact cooling and 5 treatment modes. Most patients report minimal to zero discomfort.

How many treatment sessions will I need?

We always recommend that you consult with your practitioner to best understand your individual needs. However, the number of treatment sessions ranges from 3-5 treatments, depending on the type of treatment and the patient’s parameters.

How long do the results last?

Some skin types and conditions don’t require any maintenance, while others generally need maintenance sessions every 6-12 months. Your practitioner can best advise depending on your specific needs.

When will I see results from my ALPHA treatment?

Generally speaking, some results can be seen after the first treatment, but the accumulative effect will be seen only after a few more sessions. Please note that every patient is unique and results may vary.

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