Aesthetic Management Partners Secures Long-Term Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Viol Inc.

Viol manufactures the Scarlet SRF microneedling device featuring ultra-short pulse RF technology

CORDOVA, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aesthetic Management Partners, a technology incubator that delivers growth and innovation strategies in the aesthetic industry, announced today that it has secured a long-term exclusive agreement as the sole distributor for Scarlet SRF in the US market, a revolutionary ultra-short pulse radiofrequency microneedling treatment.

Scarlet SRF is a versatile tool that empowers physicians to provide their patients with face, neck and body skin tightening and rejuvenation solutions. Scarlet SRF is the only RF microneedling system to provide a unique scalp lift protocol designed by Dr. Jongju Na. The system can also help soften fine lines and wrinkles, shrink pores, and deliver scar revision all without the need for invasive surgery.

SRF is Ultra Short-pulse Radio Frequency technology, which uses bipolar microneedle electrodes to coagulate and stimulate dermal collagen and elastin fibers in the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin.

Dr. Jongju Na from South Korea pioneered the “Na Effect” that delivers energy using micro needling in a unique, patented way. This patented solution safely and effectively tightens skin in while delivering an amazing patient experience.

“Aesthetic Management Partners’ focus on clinical education and integration has resulted in hundreds of systems sold in the US market,” said Keith Han, chief operating officer of Viol, Inc. “Their team understands how to build a brand that stands out in the crowded US market. It was an easy decision to extend our partnership long term to continue the success of our two companies”

“Our team is honored to continue to build the Scarlet SRF brand,” said Erik Dowell, CEO of Aesthetic Management Partners. “The Scarlet SRF is very special technology that delivers outstanding patient results, which in turn delivers financial results for our physician partners. We have never launched a technology with this level of patient and physician satisfaction. We look forward to many years of continued partnership with Dr. Na and the team in South Korea at Viol. ”

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