Partnership Driven Patient Focused

Aesthetic Management Partners is a newly formed business accelerator for leaders in the aesthetic industry looking to innovate the way they grow their businesses with both services & products to enhance patient outcomes and practice profitability.

Who We Are

Aesthetic Management Partners was founded in 2018 by industry veterans Erik Dowell and Adrian Bishop, who have served in leadership roles at some of the industry’s most notable companies. AMP's management team has proven track records for innovation and growth at Syneron-Candela, InMode, Solta Medical, Lumenis, and Zeltiq Aesthetics.

Our founding mission was Partnership Driven and Patient Focused, which still remains the cornerstone of everything we do. We offer products that provide the highest performance with safety and excellent clinical outcomes and help support our customers’ investment through continuous support, superior education, and personalized marketing strategies.

In our many years in the industry, we found that to be successful with a product or service, we need to optimize its use which requires a robust educational process. Not only do we provide inservice clinical training, but we provide extensive third-party vendors to teach advanced training that focuses not only on clinical treatments and techniques but also practice development, sales training, marketing programs, financial analysis, and executive coaching.

Since our inception, we have known that a user's forum would be an ideal venue to exchange ideas with world-renowned speakers and peers. Our customers have embraced the annual experience, and we are pleased to see our clients taking advantage of this learning experience every year.

Our guiding principle is that "if it is good for the provider and good for the patient, then it is good for AMP. The bottom line, every one of us at AMP is here to support you every step of the way.

Our vision

Be the most sought-after business partner and accelerator of aesthetic solutions worldwide.

Most aesthetic companies are driven to push sales in order to please Wall Street and keep their stock price high.  At AMP we believe that patients come first.  Delivering on the experience and result for the patient is the key to building a thriving practice. We do that by getting the patient a phenomenal result, which in turn will get the physician an excellent financial result.

Too many companies are focused on ‘selling’ a box simply to make a quota at the end of a quarter.  An unethical salesperson can bankrupt a practice by ‘selling’ them instead of helping them grow. For this reason and many others, AMP will never be a publicly-traded company because real relationships are not built based on quarterly quotas or end of the month specials.

If it is good for the patient, good for the physician, and good for AMP, then it is the right course of action. This is what guides us in everything we do.