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808nm Diode Laser & 3D IPL Technology

Alpha Pro is an award-winning multi-application workstation that combines two of the most in-demand technologies in one device: a 3rd generation high-speed 808nm laser diode with PowerMotion Technology and an advanced 3D IPL technology that offers signature procedures such as our new Bright & Tight. Treat all skin types with this platform for unwanted hair, sun-damaged skin, pigmented & vascular lesions, spider veins, and diminish the appearance of active acne.  Ideal for any practice, Alpha Pro enables providers to achieve superior outcomes and offer an enhanced treatment experience.

Make premium the new standard with Alpha Pro.

FDA Clearance: The Alpha System's intended use is for non-invasive aesthetic and cosmetic treatments.


  • Five Proven Treatment Modes Mean More Treatment Options For Your Patients
  • PowerMotion Technology for LHR Means Faster Treatment Times & More Revenue Per Hour
  • Signature Bright & Tight Procedure to Differentiate Your Practice
  • Contact Cooling Integration For Maximum Patient Comfort
  • Safe & Predictable Technology
  • Advanced Laser Hair Removal And 3D IPL
  • Delivers Superb Results With A Higher Level Of Comfort Than Other Devices On The Market

"With the Alpha Pro system, I can achieve heightened precision and deliver superior clinical outcomes. Additionally, introducing signature treatments like Bright & Tight with Alpha Pro empowers me to craft personalized treatment plans for every individual."

Alfonso Rodriguez, Happy Clinic - Denver


The Alpha Pro 808 nm laser diode harnesses cutting-edge PowerMotion Technology, a groundbreaking advancement in laser technology based on the heat diffusion theory targeting not just the hair follicle but also the critical components responsible for hair regeneration, namely the bulge and dermal papilla, for more efficient hair destruction.

Our state-of-the-art IPL allows users to adjust energy, pulse width, and cooling intensity for elevated clinical outcomes. Additionally, the Signature Bright & Tight procedure also operates on the principle of heat diffusion, gently warming the top layers of the skin to improve skin tone & texture and the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

MILO, the Melanin, Meter, enables the provider to measure the melanin in the skin for individualized treatment settings based on patient needs and skin type. Combined with the efficient, independent, and selectable cooling for increased patient comfort, Alpha Pro was built with safety and efficacy in mind.


  • PowerMotion Technology - For Fast, Effective Hair Removal
  • Milo, The Melanin Meter, Enables the Delivery of Maximum Energy for the Skin Type Without Damage
  • Golden Touch Integrated Contact Cooling Enhances Patient Comfort
  • 3D IPL with Customizable Parameters
  • 5 Unique Modes to Customize Treatments
  • Variable Treatment Spot Sizes Help Fast and Efficient Treatments for Any Body Part
  • Treats Red, Brown, Improves Skin Tone & Texture, and Addresses Unwanted Hair with One Platform


Alpha Pro contains an 808nm diode laser and 3D IPL technology. This allows you to bring the ultimate hair removal solution, delivering outstanding results at unmatched comfort for all skin types. As well as providing your patients with a professional-grade IPL solution featuring the most advanced 3D IPL technology for maximum precision at every pulse.

Alpha Pro's signature Bright & Tight IPL procedure is just one of the 20+ clinical indications and treatment options at your disposal, enabling you to provide highly customized plans to meet your patients' unique needs. Additionally, diode laser permanent hair reduction and IPL photo dermal treatments account for over 50% of the total non-surgical aesthetic procedures performed.

The Alpha Pro is the cornerstone technology for any practice, offering your patients the most in-demand personalized solutions.

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"The device's swift and comfortable treatments have resonated remarkably with our patients & providers. It's not just a technology improvement; it's a practice transformation that's been met with open arms by both our team and our patients."

CK - Alpha Pro Premier Provider

“Alpha is easy & it works. It’s pretty darn simple.”

Larry Helwig, RN

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PowerMotion Technology is a proprietary treatment option on the Alpha Pro Diode Laser Hair Removal system. PowerMotion Technology foes a step beyond traditional hair removal lasers by delivering laser energy in a fast, continuous motion. As the energy is diffused through the hair follicle, it heats up not only the follicle but also the surrounding structures such as the dermal papilla and hair germinating structures.



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