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Plasmage® Fractional Plasma Technology is a non-surgical option for crepey skin, hooded eyes, wrinkles and other skin concerns - Aesthetic Management Partners

Cordova, TN, January 25, 2024Aesthetic Management Partners (AMP) is proud to announce the launch of  Plasmage – the first fractional plasma device in the market providing precise control to the provider to safely address crepey skin, wrinkles and delicate skin on the face and body as well as a variety of dermatological issues such as Xanthelasma, skin tags, and fibromas.



Plasmage can be used as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with other modalities offered by Aesthetic Management Partners. This versatility allows clients to customize their treatment plan, leading to the best possible outcomes for each individual.

"In today's world, people want to look their best without undergoing invasive surgeries and long recovery times," says Erik Dowell, CEO at AMP. "We are excited to offer Plasmage as a non-invasive solution for our clients. It provides precise and controlled treatment for delicate areas, giving our providers the confidence to achieve their desired results more safely."

Plasmage® - Precision Fractional Plasma Technology - Aesthetic Management Partners

“We are pleased to partner with Aesthetic Management partners to bring Plasmage to the US market,” said Attilio Grattacaso, CRO and Founder for Brera Medical.  Plasmage marks a significant leap in the field of dermatology and aesthetics, empowering practitioners to provide cutting-edge treatments and elevate patient satisfaction.

Plasmage® Before and After Photos - Plasmage® is a Fractional Plasma Technology is a non-surgical option for crepey skin, hooded eyes, wrinkles and other skin concerns - Aesthetic Management Partners

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